For all the teenage dirtbags in the world that are seeking music to writhe in their own self-pity and stinking thrift store clothing – Wavves is undeniably the band for you. Well into their third album, Nathan Williams’ small surf-rock recording project has evolved into something that brings back that fashionable 90’s nostalgia without having to look at some petty teenage boys trying too hard in tie-dye t-shirts.

Luckily for all you hipsters that refuse the mainstream – they’re still a small, fairly unknown band that have kept to their lo-fi roots (although their debut album is so lo-fi it sounds like it’s being played through a 1940’s wireless radio – don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s an oh-my-christ-my-ears-are-melting kind of amazing).

Nonetheless, ‘Afraid of Heights’ shows somewhat of a change to their earlier material – focusing more on making a relatable tune instead of beautiful noise. Imagine a Nirvana where Kurt wasn’t a depressed heroine addict, you would have Wavves; belting out mini tunes to a crowd of head-bobbing teens dressed in skinny jeans and flannel shirts. Listen to it – seriously, within minutes you’ll be dancing in your room screaming “I’ll always be on my own” until you end up sobbing into a bottomless pit of cookie dough ice cream.