Photo credit: NME

Does innovation have to be the deciding factor when judging whether new music is good or not? After listening to this eponymous track from Birmingham 4-piece Superfood, which is very indebted to Pavement and that 90s era of alt.rock/grunge, it got me thinking of an interview I did with an artist earlier this year. He was the lead singer of a band who’d just released their debut album, which had got a fairly mixed review in the Guardian.

The critic, perhaps fairly, stated that the band was just an amalgamation of their influences and that they hadn’t taken it any further. The singers response was this: “It’s mainly old people who think like that and there are a lot of old people in music journalism. It’s like, just chill and don’t worry about it. I guarantee you the Guardian would have given us a better review if I wore a mask like the witch doctor from Crash Bandicoot and used a sampler.”

And with that in mind, I’d advise us all to just chill and listen to this amazing song and we can all decide whether the

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