Ain’t nothing wrong with Torquay, the Devonshire town has got it all: Agatha Christie was born there, steam trains are still a-go-go and there is even a replica

Golden Hind moored in the habour. Who’da thunk it? And now they can add a really awesome band to its profile thanks to indie-pop five-piece Big Wave.

Big Wave announced this week that their latest single ‘Goldmine’ will be released on golden cassette via Art is Hard on May 20th. It actually took me a second and third glance for me to realise that ‘GW Bridge’ is only the B-side for this release as it has enough punchy pop hooks to warrant being a single in itself. It’s like the cheery, unaffected step daughter of a marriage between Kenickie and Elastica – despite the fact its named after a popular suicide spot in New York. We’ll leave it up to you to google that one.

For more info on the release click here. Listen to ‘GW Bridge’ below.