Curxes – Haunted Gold (Curxes/ April 10, 2012)

By Woodrow Whyte 

‘Haunted Gold’ has industrial-pop two piece Curxes exploring their darker side. Unlike some bands that would just write a song in E minor, add some staccato strings and be done with it, there’s is a brazen, aggressive and audacious affair with a killer video to boot. Thus demonstrating why Roberta Fidora and Macaulay Hopwood together are one of the most exciting and dynamic unsigned bands in the country.

The whole track sounds like a colossal electronic brawl. Opening with an end-of-the-world sounding siren, vocalist Roberta spits and screams out the verses whilst the murky bass line chops and the drums punch unmercifully out of the speakers. It’s an unrelenting onslaught, both chaotic and synchronized like a malfunctioning cyborg. The mysticism of their previous efforts hasn’t been lost either. “A murderous fear that I own/ is a thorn in your voice and your tone” could be taken as either a confession or a threat. Whilst things get all the more ambiguous with the masterstroke inclusion of whistles. It’s childlike innocence juxtaposes well with everything else, adding the appropriate sinister elements to ‘Haunted Gold’.

It is a turning point for Curxes. They sound more in command of their influences whereas before  they might have got the better of them. If you’re into extended metaphors, like myself, then ‘Haunted Gold’ is like the musical equivalent of a 50s B-Movie. The kids, high on some mad LSD,  decide to kill their well-to-do, suburbanite parents to break free from their stifling clutches. Only this time its Depeche Mode, and they’re not on LSD, just their own brand of gothic, synth-pop juice. Well, I don’t think they’re on LSD…

‘Haunted Gold’ is now available on vinyl.

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